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J-Mar Flooring and Carpet Cleaning Team

Do you need Carpet repairs? Relays after water extraction?  Patches? Restretches?


Then you need Bill Carlisle. With over 40 years of experience under his seaming iron, he can get it done, and get it done well.


We'll handle the hard work for you

Do you need to get rid of your outdated flooring? Is it time to install new flooring in one of your rental properties? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you're in the right place.


We offer you next-day installations paired with efficient, experienced technicians who make getting your new flooring easier than ever.

  • New construction

  • Commercial projects

  • Installation

  • Pet treatments

  • Floor repairs

  • Floor sealing

Services you can afford

Meet Bill Carlise, the Carpet Repair Master

  • Concrete floor sealing

  • Preventative and restorative pet treatments

  • Partial and total floor replacement

  • Lifetime labor warranty

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Meet Brian Peelman

our Warehouse Manager

Brian has been with J-Mar Flooring for over 16 years. Heck, he was basically raised here at J-Mar! Brian is our Warehouse Manager, now in charge of inventory control and ordering for J-Mar. Brian served time in the field as a carpet cleaner for about 5 years, before returning to his role as manager of the warehouse. He still continues to be “on call for water extraction rotation. So, don’t be surprised to see him out on property in the evenings and weekends as well.


Tammy says, “Brian is such a hardworking and loyal employee. He knows every cut for carpet in Oklahoma City.” His years of experience make him invaluable as one of the best warehouse managers in Oklahoma City. We are so blessed Brian is a part of our team. I love when Brian tells me about things my father has taught him over the years.”


Brian works a lot, but he does love going home to his doggie, Boomer.


Brian said the reason he loves being at J-Mar is because they have always treated him well and taken care of him, for that reason he feels very loyal to J-Mar.


Brian’s favorite product to sell is anything with the R2X stain treatment in it. After being a carpet cleaner for 5 years, he said it was amazing to see how most stains on carpet treated with R2X came right out!


At J-Mar we take our work seriously, but it is a rule to have fun while you do it. Brian and Sheryl follow those rules very closely.

At J-Mar we take our work seriously, but it is a rule to have fun while you do it.  Brian and Sheryl follow those rules very closely.  

Buddy does a little warehouse work in the mornings, to help get the installers loaded up for the day.

Buddy does a little warehouse work in the mornings to help get the installers ready for the day.

Some of the J-Mar installers surround owners Tammy and Mary Jo. These guys are the best in Oklahoma!  We are so blessed to have these guys on the J-Mar team.  Plus, they look good in their new J-Mar jackets!



Meet Kelly Tefertiller:

Kelly works in J-Mar’s warehouses.  Kelly is very passionate about sports, and loves to run.  He has run in marathons in the past and is currently in training to compete in an Ironman Triathlon.  If you recognize Kelly, it is because he was once an extra in the Academy award winning movie , “Last of the Mohicans” along side Daniel Day Lewis.


Kelly said, “I love working at J-Mar because everyone is friendly, from ownership, to management, to installers.  It makes for a great work environment.”

Installation-01 Before-JMar After-JMar

Before J-Mar

Ever have one of these tenants?

After J-Mar

J-Mar can help...

J-Mar installers always vacuum their new carpet installations.

Meet Bill Carlise, the Carpet Repair Master

J-Mar is blessed to have Bill Carlise on our team. Many customers will ask for Bill by name for a repair, because they know he is THE BEST IN OKLAHOMA.  


J-Mar is pleased to offer our repair service to all our customers.