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Meet Buddy - J-Mar’s new mascot

Buddy is a 13 year old Pomeranian dog. He was adopted by John and Mary Gresham, the owners of J-Mar and is quite a part of the Gresham Family, and the J-Mar Family. John would bring Buddy to work with him as a puppy, so he has learned the carpet business well.  


After a brave battle with cancer, John passed away on September 9, 2014, leaving Mary Jo and Buddy to watch over J-Mar (along with a little help from some great employees and John and Mary Jo’s daughter, Tammy Williams).  


Buddy will be helping us with J-Mar, just like he did with John. Please feel free to ask Buddy anything, or request a special visit. Look for Buddy to have monthly specials and activities.

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Buddy greets everyone at the office, his home away from home.

He makes everyone feel at home too.

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