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J-MAR Carpets

"We've got you covered!"

Expect More is a great carpet for the budget conscious.  It is a great looking carpet at a great price, with Shaw's R2X stain formula.  You can't beat this one for a bargain.

Wild Rice compliments vinyl plank beautifully.

Oh yes! We carry commercial carpet for next day installation in stock! Ask us about our carpet tile selection for the commercial applications.

Want to upgrade to luxury?  Try our new Action "A" series carpet.  Plush carpet, not a plush price.  In stock and ready to install tomorrow!

Our best seller, Ride it Out, Pretty on price, performance and pocketbook.  Of course, with the R2X stain product, it is hard to beat this one.

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Try these sites for more ideas!  We can get anything you might want!

Here is a small sample of our many in stock carpets ready for next day installation.

Multi-family & Rentals




Ride It Out

Expect More

Action 'A'