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Whether you're in need of carpet re-stretching or removing unsightly humps and ripples in your carpet, you can count on our team to get the job done right.


We'll get those trip hazards out of your flooring in no time.

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Don't panic when you have a wet-carpet emergency

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When you have a wet carpet emergency, you can get 24-hour water extraction services from us. You're GUARANTEED to notice a difference after we apply our enzyme treatments to break down those heavy soils and odors.

Committed to excellence

  • 24-hour emergency water extraction services

  • Enzyme treatments

  • Pet-odor treatments

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  • Same-day service

  • Deep-cleaning service

  • Carpet re-stretching

  • Duct/Vent cleaning


A clean carpet is a happy carpet.

J-Mar Cleaning can make your carpet happy.

Meet Tyler Williams:


Tyler is a third generation J-Mar employee.  His grandparents, John and Mary Gresham, started this company way before Tyler was even born.  Tyler joined the cleaning team in 2014.  He had a good instructor, his father, Craig Williams.


Tyler and his father share a love for cars.  Tyler recently purchased his 5th collectible car, a 1986 Porsche.  His weekends are spent working on cars and going to car shows.  Tyler is a legit mechanic, even getting his ASE certification before deciding to work in the family business.


Tyler loves to work at J-Mar because it is a family business, even the people he isn’t related to are like family.

Meet Gary Roof:


Gary has been with J-Mar Carpet Cleaning since the beginning of 2015.  Gary loves reading, long walks on the beach and desserts.  Seriously though, Gary is the guy with the great attitude, you will notice him when he walks in, because he usually lights up the room with his smile and positive attitude.  Gary's passion these days is playing Daddy to his twin boys and his daughter. His goal in life is to be the best father he can be.  


His hobbies are working on cars and rock climbing.  He is teaching his kids to rock climb as well.  He also is one of those guys who can fix anything.  

Gary loves working at J-Mar because of the family atmosphere, and the management is awesome.

Meet Brent Goodwin:


Brent has been with J-Mar since 2005.  There isn’t a trick about carpet cleaning Brent doesn’t know.  You can always recognize Brent by his trademark shorts.  Yes, Shorts… he wears shorts 12 months a year, every day.  He doesn’t own a pair of pants.  We have seen Brent at funerals and weddings, and he is in shorts.  It works for him, and we have learned to accept that Brent will be in shorts, no matter rain, sleet or snow.


Brent’s passion is his two year old granddaughter, Oakley.  When you see Brent, it is ok to call him Grandpa.


Brent loves working at J-Mar because, “J-Mar has always had my back.  If I need anything, they will do what it takes to help me”.

Meet Craig Williams

Carpet Cleaning Manager


Craig has been with J-Mar since 1991. That’s FOREVER!!!  He has been in the Gresham family since 1981, when he married the owner’s daughter, Tammy Gresham-Williams.  Together they have raised two children and enjoy spoiling their two grandchildren.


Craig has been cleaning carpet for J-Mar for the last 23 years, and if it can’t be cleaned by Craig, trust us, it can’t be cleaned.  He knows every trick in the book about carpet cleaning.  He started as a carpet cleaner and to dye carpets, which were a big thing back in 1991.  Today, with the new yarns and fibers, dyeing is a thing of the past, but…that is how long Craig has been around.  J-Mar is such a better place with Craig.


Like his son, Craig has several collectible show cars, and enjoys playing with them and showing them on weekends.

Craig loves being able to save a carpet, and thereby saving customers money on replacement.

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Craig in 1991.

Craig in 2014, and going strong.


J-Mar has 5 carpet cleaning vans ready to serve you.

J-Mar's Carpet Cleaning Team

The best carpet cleaning in Oklahoma City:

Gary, Brian, Brandon, Craig, Brent, and Tyler

Gary Roof

Our RX20 Deep Clean literally works miracles!

J-Mar's Carpet Cleaning Team